General information


The mission of Quiet Reflections Retreat is to provide facilities and atmosphere conducive to individual quiet time with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Quiet Reflections is also…


…Best described as “a place where people come to be alone in order to experience  quiet time,  silence, solitude, fasting, prayer, companionship with God through self-guided retreats and the studying, reading and reflecting of His Word.”

…A ministry of hospitality.  We believe that the Lord has provided a place for you here and that your arrival on the Mountain is your obedience to His call,  we believe and expect that  God will meet you here!

…a Christian community, in that the Retreat property is utilized, maintained and supported  by people who openly acknowledge their desire to draw away from their daily routines in order to experience a deeper walk with Jesus Christ as Lord and God.

…Designed to be used by individuals who seriously desire time and space for retreat.


…NOT affiliated with any denomination or  Church.


Take your time…

Call, write, or email us:

– for reservations

–  and share with us and others of your experiences while on the Mountain

730 Rock Blvd.
Burnsville, NC  28714
828 675-9199


*One visit to the Mountain will attest that the Retreat is very much a work in progress.  The Chapel is a graceful testimony to God’s faithfulness in establishing His vision here.  We offer one cabin, three guest rooms and the ‘writers loft room above the welcome center for overnight stay at this time, and are equipped to house our full-time missionary staff.  The Lodge and additional retreat cabins are yet to be built, and we look forward to the Lord’s guidance in seeing this vision to completion.