Creating a Space

God has created in many of His people the need for “time away” with Him alone.  He calls us to prayer (Matthew 6:6), to fasting (Joel 2:12-15), to meditation on  His Word (Psalm 1:2), and to the giving of our time and resources (2 Cor. 9:7).  We welcome you to come retreat from distraction to be refreshed, find quiet time with God, praise Him privately, fast, seek direction from God, and grow closer to Him. 

Day visitors are encouraged to spend some time in the Prayer Chapel, which is always open, or call ahead to reserve the Cabin for a few hours as a place for study, reflection, or prayer.  Guests who desire a longer stay at QRR should call ahead to secure reservation of the Cabin or one of the rooms in the Retreat House.  Please keep in mind that QRR is designed to protect the solitude of the individuals who seek it, and there are no structured programs, lectures, group meetings, corporate worship services or ceremonies, or daily agendas.  There are no radios, televisions, or alarm clocks.  The telephone is used only for emergency calls.  We try to create an atmosphere free of distraction, so that when God speaks, you are able to listen.